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Two ways to acquire business leads on LinkedIn

In this article, we briefly cover two options to acquire business leads using LinkedIn.

You’re able to implement these yourself, however, if you don’t have the time to do so, contact us.

The first is a conversational approach, the second is through the use of LinkedIn ads.

Starting conversations to schedule calls

With the first approach, the conversation approach, you need to focus on using your personal profile to push your brand.

To get started, you’ll need:

  • A professional headshot
  • A good cover photo that tells people who you are or what you specialize in
  • A summary that gets people’s attention by discussing the value you provide
  • At least two recent articles posted on LinkedIn over the last year
  • At least one recent post share over the last two weeks posted on LinkedIn

The strategy involves two things:

  • Connecting with potential leads
  • Engaging with these potential leads once they become connections

To get started, you want to search on LinkedIn by job title and then narrow down by the city you’d like to focus on (as pictured below). If you have Sales Navigator, you have even more filters available to find the right leads.

search for real estate agents on linkedin

Next, you want to connect with these potential leads but you need to send a personalized note along with these invitations.

To do this, make sure that you’re using a computer or laptop. Mobile devices don’t provide the “Add a note” option as computers or laptops do (as shown below).

add a personalized note on linkedin when sending invitations to connect

When the potential lead accepts your request, try to start a conversation. However, don’t try to sell right away.

Say something such as:

“Hi [NAME], I noticed that you’re very involved in [INDUSTRY] and I thought that you are worth connecting with and learning from. Are you working on any new projects I can help with?”

As the conversation develops, you need to be able to then set a call to action, such as:

“I think you bring up great points. Why don’t we jump on a call to discuss it some more?”

Once they say yes, send them a link to your online calendar.

Two good scheduling options include:

Note: Add about 20 people per week and try this with them. You’ll get better as you go.

Acquire business leads using LinkedIn Ads

The second option is using LinkedIn lead ads.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that users are thinking about business when they’re on LinkedIn.

This isn’t the case with Facebook or Instagram as when users are on those platforms, they are looking to see what their friends and family are up to.

With LinkedIn lead ads, you want to be able to show potential leads that your company has a lot of value to offer. This can be by sharing that your company can provide people with a PDF document that includes expert tips, how-to instructions, etc. On LinkedIn, white papers do well.  

Several types of content can be used in the ad are pictured below.

linkedin lead ad creative types to acquire business leads

Create something that gets the attention of users but above all, make sure that you’re testing different creative designs.

Afterward, you’ll create the form you’ll want users to fill out to provide you with a name, email, phone number, etc. The fewer things they need to fill out, the better.

Next, you’ll have to set the targeting for the audience you want to reach. The video below provides an overview of the numerous LinkedIn targeting capabilities. 

Following the targeting, you’ll be able to set a budget and start/end time.

Automating processes is a must. Depending on how you operate, you might want to push that lead into a sales funnel, to a CRM to be contacted later or simply to a page where they can download your content.

Tools we use for funnels include:

It’s important that you continually optimize your campaign to improve the rate at which users submit their information, and thereby reduce the cost to acquire business leads.

As leads come in, respond quickly.

Ready to acquire business leads using LinkedIn?