Entrepreneurship Blog Website Design

ThinkBusinessIdeas.com was made by us, for one of our team members. From the beginning, the website process was influenced by the need to provide several blogging tools to help share content online (business ideas, tools, and thoughts on current events). These are some of the features that were added on this entrepreneurship blog, and that can be implemented on websites we produce.

Social Sharing

Sharing options – mobile

Integral to any blog are social sharing features that allow website visitors to easily share content with their friends and family.

To accomplish this on the blog, we used the Sumo plugin. It was a good choice since the plugin’s social media icons could be modified to match the website design. Additionally, the plugin provided tons of functionality with the free plan. This was important to keep costs low until greater traffic could help pay for premium features. Some features the free Sumo plugin provided us with include:

  • Sharing directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Whatsapp, and more
  • Accessing a mobile-friendly social sharing bar when using a smartphone
  • Providing opt-in forms for capturing emails

The plugin improved the chances of increasing the reach of blog posts. This was possible in part, by allowing visitors to share it themselves.

Spanish Entrepreneurship Blog

Creating a lot of content only in English meant isolating millions of potential visitors that don’t know the language. To make the content serve non-English speakers, we added a plugin that used Google to make Spanish translations. While the translations weren’t perfect, they did a great job at engaging Spanish speakers. This feature is sure to keep visitors on the website longer.

translate with google

Desktop view in Spanish 

Live Twitter Feed

One of the platforms that were used to share content was Twitter. As a result, it was important to make the most recent tweets visible on the website. Due to this, we added a Twitter embed code in the sidebar that would display the @TBusinessIdeas timeline. The best part was that website visitors already signed into their Twitter accounts while on the same browser could like and share the tweet.

While very simple, this embed code made managing the website easier.

For example, the timeline eliminated the need to upload photos and quotes that were already posted on Twitter. Ultimately, less site maintenance meant more time to do what mattered, creating content. 

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