Facebook Messenger: ManyChat lead generation

After 30 seconds on this page, you’ll see the next type of lead generation made possible by a ManyChat integration with Facebook Messenger.

ManyChat adds an opt-in form (or button) to your website that allows web visitors to subscribe to your company updates using their Facebook accounts. In the likely case that they’re already signed in to Facebook, all they’ll need to do is click “Send to Messenger”.

Within seconds you’re able to have the ManyChat bot engage with your subscriber.

Facebook Messenger Opt-In Form

Opt-in form example

Convincing your audience to subscribe

Before you set up ManyChat, think about incentives you’re able to offer to entice your web visitors to subscribe to your updates.

Incentive examples:

  • Discount codes – A discount code that they can use towards their next purchase
  • Checklist – A checklist that they can use to prepare for 4th of July, camping, or other events
  • Case studies – A case study providing tips and tricks met some goal
  • Digital downloads – Access to downloadable media such as wallpaper designs, etc.

Feeding Facebook Messenger subscribers

The most important part when managing a list of subscribers is to keep providing them with value, consistently.

Once a month make it a goal to share industry news, announce new products/services, and to teach them something new.

If done right, Facebook Messenger can result in high open rates that can yield increased sales.

Don’t wait until competitors jump on board.

Get an early start. Visit ManyChat.com

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