How-to use Facebook Watch for business

Facebook has just launched a new video platform called Facebook Watch. This simple new tab will make it easier for users to stay updated on their favorite shows.

The change is HUGE. In fact, Major League Baseball is working to stream one game each week during the season.

Check out this introductory video by Facebook:

What you’ll be able to do as a viewer

  • Browse videos based on reactions
  • Engage in conversation with friends and other users while watching the video
  • Get reminders when new episodes are released

What Facebook Watch means for your business

Business owners have a big opportunity to increase their online presence. A restaurant owner can for example, share videos showing how to make certain dishes each week. The difficult part will be consistency in creating video content to share online.

Opportunities for companies that create shows for Watch:

  • Establish credibility in the industry
  • Monetize content through ad breaks
  • Increase brand exposure online
  • Ultimately increase sales of products and services

How to get started

At the moment, Facebook hasn’t introduced Watch or Show (the creator dashboard) to everyone. It’s slowly giving access to a select group of people but will give access to more very soon. As a result, you won’t be able to watch the shows they already have available. Additionally, you won’t be able to create videos just yet through the Show platform (but you can inquire about Show Pages). Be patient though, and check out these ideas of what to do before you get access:

  1. Develop a strategy for the type of content you want to create
  2. Build a content calendar that you are able to follow
  3. Design promotional material to inform your followers of your upcoming content
  4. Film the content and make necessary edits based on feedback


Image credit: Facebook