Improve website load time – 3 tips

First impressions matter online.

A fast loading website can keep web visitors surfing from page to page longer, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of easy items that can be done TODAY, to improve website load time.

Before we get started though, go over to and test a website URL to determine it’s the current state.

Note: backup your files before trying any of these items.

1. Compress your images

In most cases, images haven’t been compressed before they’ve been uploaded to the web. As a result, the images may take longer to load. At REN Marketing, our goal is to keep most images between 25kb and 100kb in size. JPG files are usually most efficient than PNG and should be considered at the default file upload format.

Two available solutions include:

  1. Manually compress images in an editor such as Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo
  2. Add a plugin or add-on to your website that automatically compresses images (i.e. WP Smush for WordPress websites)

2. Defer JavaScript with async

We all have cool third-party features like live feeds, social sharing buttons, and more on our website. Unfortunately, since these features use scripts that execute external code, they may slow down a site by preventing other assets to load at the same time.

To solve this, we need to add an “async” tag to the script to allow the rest of the page to render at the same time. Example:

<script src=”example.js” async></script>

3. Enable browser caching

Take advantage of the content that’s already been loaded by saving it on the visitors’ browser. This way, the next time a visitor returns to the site, some of the content is readily available and there are fewer items that need to be loaded.

In order to do this, check with your hosting provider to see if they already have browser caching enabled. If they don’t, look for a browser caching plugin such as WP Super Cache for WordPress.

Once these have been tested, go back to and check to see if these tips helped improve website load time.

If you want more tips to improve website load time, check out this external article: How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site – And Increase Organic Traffic By 39.1%


Let us know what you think.