Public Relations Website Design

One of our first clients, Minayapr, came to us requesting a website to help market their public relations services online. This public relations website design needed to include a modern and artistic touch.

Mobile friendly

Before we started work on the website, we did some homework. Specifically, we compared competitors’ websites to identify what we could do differently from them. To our surprise, many of Minayapr’s competitors did not have mobile-friendly websites. As a result, we made sure that as we built the site, that it would provide a great user experience on mobile devices. To do this, we thought of a few things that would need to be incorporated into the website to make it useful:

  • Fast loading design
  • Automatic compression of high-quality images
  • Easy to find social media icons

Ultimately, small details such as these helped make the website welcoming and extremely easy to use.

public relations website design mobile

Press Releases

Using the WordPress blogging platform, we created a component that would allow the company to share their press releases. Press releases would be categorized by artist, and website visitors would always have the opportunity to subscribe to Minayapr’s Mad Mimi mailing list to get updates.

The public relations website design we went with made it easy for Minaya to get the attention of website visitors. By doing so, Minayapr is now able to increase their media reach and build their loyal base of followers.

email optin for public relations website

Visual Updates

Of the pages we put together, we created two pages to help show the variety of work that Minayapr does on a daily basis.

The first was the gallery page that with a plugin, is able to display Minaya’s Instagram feed. The clickable content makes it easy for website visitors to engage with the company by liking and commenting on the best posts and even follow the profile, in one visit.

The other page was dedicated to videos. This page shows the most recent video Minaya posts on YouTube, with playlist-like functionality. Since Minayapr was already creating and sharing content on YouTube, it only made sense that the website should serve to promote the channel as well.

By creating the pages in the way that we did, we reduced the need for Minayapr to have to manually add or remove images or videos, thereby saving them valuable time.

public relations website design creation - videos page