Supercharge your Instagram stories

The world of social media is crazy. One day, you’re downloading Snapchat, the next you’re promoting your Instagram posts directly from the app. Last year, Instagram copied stories from Snapchat and has seen success in doing so. According to Facebook, more than 250 million users use Instagram stories each day. This, along with the fact that Instagram has over 400 million daily active users, means that you cannot afford to be on the sidelines while others try to jump on board stories.

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are videos and images that you can share with others through the native app, and that expire after 24 hours. Instead of posting them to your feed, they are shared in the stories timeline. Viewers of stories can engage with stories by directly messaging the user.

Can stories help grow my business?

If done correctly, the content on Instagram stories can generate additional awareness for your products and services. For example, if a major sports game is happening in town and you manage to create engaging stories with calls to action, you can direct people from Instagram to your online store, email sign up form, etc.

While a normal story may be limited to your follower base, optimizing it for discovery can yield much more views.

How-to increase views

By design, Instagram indexes all posts and stories by the type of content being shared. In order to improve the chance of an Instagram user coming across your stories, focus on the following:

  • Hashtags: Use a hashtag that receives a good amount of searches each day but that isn’t overcrowded. For example, a car salesperson may be tempted to use #cars to showcase a new 2018 car. While thousands of people may come across that hashtag, it’s much more difficult to show up in front of others since it’s too broad of a term. If the story does show up, it might attract the wrong people (i.e. from another country, state, city, etc.). A better tag to use may be #miamicars if they’re in Miami.
  • Locations: Create a story and tag a business location, such as a restaurant or retail store. That story will be made available to everyone that searches for the business through Instagram. Users that use such tags can convince their followers to look into the business for more information. If a client tags a business in their story, their followers can click on the location and see related business stories.

Engage with customers

Want to keep customers coming back? Want to thank someone for visiting? You can do so by searching for your company hashtag (if you have one) and responding to stories directly. Additionally, you can search for your business location on Instagram and respond to stories that were posted there.

Of course, it’s important to ensure that your profile is a business account. A business account will allow all-important calls to action including: phone number, email, and directions.

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