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Facebook is the next YouTube

Facebook becoming the next YouTube was bound to happen.

First, Facebook copied Snapchat stories.

Then, it copied Slack with Workspaces.

Now, Facebook is on it’s way to becoming the next YouTube with its Watch platform.


Currently, Facebook has 2 billion monthly users while YouTube has 1.5 billion.

Facebook has the userbase to become the next YouTube

It has the userbase to take the video streaming throne from YouTube.

The Watch platform will greatly improve the quality of the content shared on Facebook. The investment has been huge. In fact, there are some estimates that suggest Facebook is paying up to $3 million per episode with its partners. As a result, Facebook users won’t have to leave the application to stay entertained or to learn something.

Engagement is key and Facebook paying more attention to this metric each day.

YouTube is still clearly ahead in video. They launched YouTube Red, it’s premium subscription service that provides customers with exclusive content, hides ads, and includes Google Play Music streaming, in 2015.

Yet, the biggest difference is that Facebook Watch is free.

At least for now it is.