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Facebook’s food ordering feature goes nationwide

On October 13th, Facebook’s food ordering feature rolled out across the entire United States.

This move presents restaurants with an opportunity to acquire new customers but also increases their need to manage their social media presence.

Facebook took several months testing the feature. Now, users that visit the “Explore” tab can see the restaurants that provide delivery and takeout options. Here’s a video Facebook has shared that demonstrates the feature in detail…

Facebook’s food ordering initiative for restaurants

Restaurants will be able to grow their exposure online by being able to take orders from one of the ordering platforms that are working with Facebook including DoorDash, EatStreet, Slice, GrubHub, and others.

Some other pros for restaurants include being able to promote a Facebook page with Facebook ads that can help push orders, as well as the chance to use retargeting efforts to encourage additional sales from existing clients.

While this feature is useful, it will require an investment by restaurant management to keep the social media accounts consistent and active.

Companies that ignore this platform may be at risk of losing business to competitors that are on the platform.

The impact on Facebook’s ad revenue

Since users don’t have to leave Facebook to make food orders, Facebook is able to benefit from having users on their platform for longer periods of time.

Facebook stands to win from increased ad revenues as restaurants may now want to advertise to their followers, and Facebook will have more time during which it can serve ads to its users.

The social media effect on users

Users no longer need multiple apps to make an order. Previously, users may have needed app A to order from restaurant 1, and app B to order from restaurant 2. Now, Facebook makes it possible to order from restaurant 1 or 2 without having to download anything else.

Essentially, Facebook has built an interconnected platform with online ordering apps.

Users may, therefore, be encouraged to tell more about their experience with a restaurant in the same way that some Yelp users interact with restaurants, with check-ins, reviews, images, video, and more.

Restaurants that want to learn more about social media, including Facebook’s food ordering feature are encouraged to contact us.