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Priority? LinkedIn personal profile or company page

If you’re reading this, you’re already ahead of others. That is, you’re interested in creating either a LinkedIn personal profile or company page on LinkedIn, a social media platform that recently reached 500 million users.

While competing platforms have adopted the pay to play mentality, LinkedIn still provides plenty of opportunities for people and brands to grow their follower bases organically.

Yet, our recommendation is to focus more on your personal account than on your business account, for now.

Here are the reasons we feel a personal account can be more valuable than a company page.

Ability to share video

Video content is huge.

We’ve been preaching video content creation a lot on our social media platforms and it only makes sense that you create some whenever you get the chance. However, only personal accounts are able to publish videos directly on LinkedIn. A company page that wants to do so needs to upload a video to YouTube and then share that video URL on LinkedIn.


A personal touch through messages

Simply enough, there is no messaging feature for company pages. As such, you cannot send personalized messages to professionals that follow your page.

Personal accounts, on the other hand, can send and receives direct messages. This feature is beneficial to have since it allows for accounts to engage with followers outside of a post.

For example, we’ve seen plenty of influencers ask their followers to say “I want” in the comments section if they want a white paper (informational document). The influencer then proceeds to send the follower a connection request after which they send the white paper through a direct message.


Credibility in a personal account

A company page is nice but a customer might be more willing to pay attention to a face and experience. 

Take a look at the profile of some of your connections and you’ll notice that you can learn a lot about what they’re good at. They have recommendations from managers, endorsements for skills from co-workers, and more.

LinkedIn users can’t say the same about company pages. There’s no way to provide a company review.

Being spoken well about by your peers can take you a long way. It’s usually much easier to say, “Franco can help you with marketing” that it is to say “REN Marketing LLC can help you with marketing”. Why? Well, if it’s a contact saying either of those two, it’s easier to send a potential lead to Franco than someone at REN Marketing.

Ultimately, you’ll want to have a presence on a personal profile and with a LinkedIn company page. For most, doing both at the same time might deplete some resources. In the likely case that you have limited time to build a presence on LinkedIn, prioritize your personal profile.