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LinkedIn profile optimization tips

Here are seven LinkedIn profile optimization tips that you should follow if you want an ALL-STAR profile and want to leave a good first impression online.

1. Please… add a profile picture

LinkedIn no picture

Whoever this is, they’re mysterious…

Franco Aquino Miami Florida

Cool, now we know who we’re talking to!

There’s nothing worse than getting an invitation from a faceless stranger.

In order to make a good first impression, use a high-quality headshot photo that focuses on you. LinkedIn allows profile photos to be 400px x 400px in size.

Ensure that the photo you choose depicts the type of person you want others to see. In our profile photos, we’re dressed casually. The people we work with don’t all wear suits and ties. Informal as it is, we did make sure to have a clean appearance before taking the picture.

2. Paint a picture, using a cover photo

As digital marketers, we spend a lot of time modifying websites, adding emojis to social media posts, and doing a lot of tech-related work. For this reason, a cover photo that shows the digital side of our business is appropriate.

REN Marketing LLC - Miami Florida

Cover photo example

Some other good ideas include adding a cover photo where you can be seen networking with industry leaders or where you are speaking at events.

Keep in mind, an ideal cover photo size is 974px x 330px.

3. Use a killer headline

Be direct with people on LinkedIn. That way you attract those that may be of most value to both parties.

One of our headlines is “helping companies strengthen their online presence”. This allows us to connect with business owners or managers that need online exposure. Someone that comes across this profile in search, or in comment sections will be able to immediately see how we can provide them with value.

LinkedIn headline

Headline example

If you can’t think of anything to add there, you can always use your company role. However, taking the time to come up with something creative that goes with the profile photo and cover image can go a long way.

Bring both ideas together if you want to. Something like, “Sales pro helping retailers adopt social media and e-commerce platforms to sell online” sounds a lot better than “Sales at REN Marketing”.

The limit for the headline is 120 characters.

4. Take advantage of the summary section

The first two lines are the most important. This is what is usually shown before a profile visitor needs to click on “see more”.

We have up to 2,000 characters in this area and we can attach PDFs or share links.

This is where we can sell a product, service, or encourage someone to take an action.

We do the following here:

  1. Introduce our company
  2. Share details on the services we provide
  3. Describe how we can provide our customer’s value
  4. Provide a call to action
LinkedIn Summary

Summary example

5. Tell your story – employment and education

When adding experience and education to your profile, it’s important to provide as much detail as possible.

First, when adding the companies you worked at, or colleges attended, check to see if they display a logo. If they don’t, no problem, but try to use those that do have logos. Items without logos don’t seem too legitimate.

LinkedIn Education

Education example

Additionally, when you write about what you did and what you learned, be specific. Talk about results using numbers and bring up the tools you used to accomplish such results.

LinkedIn Experience

Experience example

Finally, build credibility by asking your work colleagues to write a recommendation for you. Potential customers will feel more comfortable doing business with you if they know someone publicly wrote positively about you.

6. Add accomplishments and endorsements

There will be other areas that you can contribute to such as accomplishments and endorsements. Make sure you fill them out.

For accomplishments, think about this… We’ve all done a lot over the years. Make sure you make note of each thing that you’ve done that shows you are a go-getter. It’ll help set you apart. It’ll get the attention of people that have accomplished similar feats.

LinkedIn Accomplishments

Accomplishments example

For endorsements, choose the skills you want to be known for. Then, ask your connections to endorse you for them. The three skills with the most endorsements will be most visible so make sure that they’re the ones you want others to see first.

LinkedIn Skills

Skills & Endorsements example

7. Create a custom LinkedIn URL

Would you rather be a number or a first and last name?

Choose a professional URL that you can use to guide people to your profile. The shorter and easier to pronounce, the greater the chances that others will be able to spell it right in search queries. Here’s an example…

Franco Aquino LinkedIn URL

Custom URL example

We hope that these LinkedIn profile optimization tips have been helpful. We’re sure that if you have completed your profile as much as possible, that you’ll acquire All-Star profile status.

Let us know if you have any questions.