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The Problem: You could always use more clients

Time and again we come across immigration lawyers that need a consistent amount of leads so that they can keep growing their business. Referrals aren't always enough and flyers are extremely hard to track their effectiveness.

Furthermore, technology is always changing. You might finally have a website but realize it isn't yielding any results because it lacks traffic. 

The Solution: Get clients with Google Ads

When people search for immigration lawyers, they go to Google Ads allow you to show up in front of your potential leads immediately as they search. Below are a few benefits that Google advertising can provide you.

Target people in your city

Google allows you to reach people within a 25 mile radius of your office that are searching for immigration lawyers like you. Here's a sample ad that can show up for an immigration lawyer in the Miami, FL area. 

Collect lead information

The call to action on a Google Ad can direct people to your landing page where you can ask people for their name, phone number, and more. Once you have that information, you can have an assistant contact the lead to schedule their initial consultation.


Measure your return on investment

Google makes it easy to know how much each new lead cost to acquire. If you spend $530 and are able to get 280 clicks (example below), of which 10% submit the lead form, you're looking at 28 leads for about $19 each. 

If based on your experience, you're able to close 20% of leads, that's 5.6 new clients. If each client pays $1,000 on average for your services, that's about $5,600 in revenue on an ad investment of $530 (of course you'll need to consider the expenses related to running these ads).

Could you use more clients each month?

Hire us for lead generation

If you'd like to have a marketing agency take care of the entire Google Ad Campaign workload for your law firm, don't look any further. We can help. Speak to a representative. 

Transparent pricing

The costs associated with our immigration lawyer advertising services include:

  • On-boarding fee: $1,000 (waived if you mention this post)
  • Monthly Management: $1,000
  • Monthly Ad Spend: Minimum $500

Cancel anytime. 

What's Included?

+ Professional Ad Management

We create, launch, and manage your ads to ensure targeting, ad creative, and calls to action are working together to provide you with leads. Don't worry about not having a website or a slow one if you do, we'll create your landing page on our fast platform to improve lead conversion.

Need ads in a language other than English? No problem. We can help. 

+ Receive your leads ASAP

We use Zapier as an automation system and can push leads as soon as they're received to your CRM system, your email inbox, or to an online spreadsheet so that you (and most importantly, your assistants) can access them. 

+ Monthly Report

At the beginning of each month, we'll send you a report that highlights the number of leads you've received and the budget that was used so that you can easily identify your return on investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a lawyer. How involved will I have to be? 

We understand that you're busy working with clients. We do our best to minimize the time we'll need from you.

During the on-boarding phase, we'll need you to set aside two hours to: introduce us to your assistant, set up the Google account, and approve the ads.

Once the campaigns are running, most of the work will be automated. We will reach out about once a month to see how everything is going which will take 15 - 30 minutes.