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Sell event tickets online with Eventbrite & Facebook

Hosting an event in the future?

If so, you’ll want to use a platform to sell event tickets online, send reminders, and attract people in your area.

This is where Eventbrite comes into play.

Even better, it comes into play with Facebook.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is a powerful event organization tool that helps more than 3 million events happen each year.

The platform has additional features for you to use such as:

  • The ability to set discount codes for tickets
  • Options to make the event discoverable to anyone or to select people
  • Analytics to know where traffic is coming from to improve event ads

Eventbrite does charge a fee based on ticket sales that vary based on the package chosen. Free tickets don’t incur any fee.

How does Eventbrite work with Facebook?

The Eventbrite event is added to the Facebook page Events tab

After you create an event on Eventbrite, you’re able to push the event to your Facebook page.

This will add the event to the “Events” tab and will allow people to easily buy tickets directly from their Facebook app without having to visit the Eventbrite page. As a result, fewer steps can lead to more conversions.

Another benefit to connecting your Facebook page to Eventbrite is the automatic push of the event to the newly redesigned Facebook Local app. The beauty of having the event on the Local app is that the people who are using the app already have the intention of attending an event.

Furthermore, if you have an advertising budget, you can activate Facebook ads to promote the event using Facebook. Doing so will allow you to reach people on the Facebook app, Instagram app, and the Facebook audience network (made up of third-party websites).

Ready to sell event tickets online? Create an Eventbrite event or learn how to add the Eventbrite event to Facebook.