REN Marketing Facebook marketing

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world.

Depending on the type of business you run, you can use Facebook to target potential customers by city, state, or even country.

Facebook marketing is more important now than ever. 

Additional Stats:

  • Facebook has about 1.8 billion monthly active users
  • Users spend about 20 minutes on Facebook each day
  • 82% of online US adults ages 18-29 use Facebook
  • Top 3 countries that use Facebook other than the US are India, Brazil, Indonesia

Sources: FacebookHootsuite

Our Facebook Marketing Approach

Facebook is expanding quickly. They are experimenting with chatbots, and are investing time and money to get users to leave company reviews on company pages. In order to ensure that your Facebook page can help you build a brand, our Facebook marketing service will:

  • Verify that your Facebook page branding matches that of your other social media accounts
  • Post high quality and high engagement content on a regular schedule
  • Boost select posts to increase reach and talk about your company
  • Respond to customer questions within 24 hours

On top of all that, we’ll provide you with a monthly report to show you the progress.

The Value

Imagine that Franco (one of REN’s founders) looks for an auto repair shop online and comes across three different shops in his area based on Facebook results. The first shop has five stars on 25 reviews, the second has four stars on 10 reviews, and the third doesn’t have any reviews.

Most likely, Julio will be more inclined to choose the first shop with the best ratings than the others. It’s common sense, he’ll get good service and peace of mind. In the near future, Facebook will be at the same level, or even surpass Yelp and Google for online reviews (in our opinion). Now is the time to think about Facebook marketing as part of your discovery campaign.

We’ll help you build your follower base so that you can continuously reach potential customers with deals, event info, educational content (such as the content below which we create for our followers), and more.

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