Instagram marketing by REN Marketing

People find images and videos to be extremely popular forms of media to absorb and Instagram is one of the social platforms that do it very well. With tools such as stories and live video, the platform keeps growing quickly. 

A well developed Instagram marketing plan can set up a highly engaging Instagram profile that will display your brand and its culture for others to see. 

Additional Stats:

  • About 70 million Americans use Instagram
  • Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users
  • Instagram users share 1,100 photos and videos each second
  • 59% of online US adults ages 18-29 use Instagram

Sources (updated April 2017): Pew Research CenterHootsuiteStatista

Our Instagram Marketing Approach

Instagram is a discovery platform for many people as they constantly come across new brands that their friends share online and that they may not have seen on their own.

For us to help with this discovery, we’ll do the following:

  • Find relevant and high-traffic hashtags to index our creative content to allow for more reach
  • Engage with specific users on Instagram that are likely to find the content useful
  • Work with influencers and/or other users to share content across a larger audience
  • Serve as your online customer service team by answering followers’ questions

The Value

There are many ways people consume information. Two of the most popular ways are images and audio. As such, Instagram marketing can help you showcase your final products or completed services. If you’re a person building a personal brand, engaging with fans and welcoming them to tag you is a good strategy.

Take this picture of Julio (one of REN’s founders) and Gigi Hadid as an example of brand awareness.

One of us is the international model of the year… ? @gigihadid #gigihadid #internationalmodeloftheyear

A post shared by Julio Benavides (@julioben7) on

If you didn’t know who Gigi Hadid was prior to the picture, you might have looked her up online.


Well, if you were following Julio on Instagram and you read, “One of us is the international model of the year”, you might be interested in learning more about who she is that Julio HAD to take a picture with.

As a business, we can encourage your Instagram followers to tag your business in posts when they visit your store or use a product.

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