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LinkedIn is the platform for professionals to network with each other, for recruiters to find potential employees, and for sales executives to engage in business-to-business (B2B) pitches. While not for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, B2B companies can definitely benefit from increased reach with a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Additional Stats:

  • LinkedIn has more than 450 million monthly active users
  • Students and recent graduates make up more than 40 million members
  • 1 million people share 130,000 posts weekly
  • Top 3 countries that use LinkedIn other than the US are India, Brazil, and China

Sources: LinkedIn

Our LinkedIn Marketing Approach

The beauty of LinkedIn is that you can find business representatives online. This means that if you’re selling business services, you have the chance of being heard. Here’s what we do so that your company gets reach online:

  • Share product and services updates so that followers can know what’s new at your company
  • Help users understand how your product works by sharing tips and/or articles
  • Allow your team to showcase the company they work for with a complete online profile
  • Provide a response to LinkedIn user questions about the products or services they are interested in

The Value

Say that a business development director for a venture backed firm is trying to find potential clients online. They are trying to connect with people at Fortune 1000 companies. When he/she connects with one, they come across a post that they shared. That post is about the new customer relationship management system (CRM) you created and that has just been released. Because someone had shared your business’ post, others stand to learn more about what your company does.

If that business development director hadn’t adopted a CRM system yet and they went on to read through the post, they might realize they need it. In such a case, that LinkedIn post could have generated a lead. Isn’t that cool?

Managing your own account?

If you aren’t ready to hire a marketing team to manage your social media, no worries. Here are some tips:

Image sizes

Using the right image size is important. Not following guidelines can mean that your images get cut off on mobile and/or the quality suffers. Check out this image size guide by SproutSocial for the right Twitter dimensions: Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

Schedule your posts for free

We recommend that you set up a simple social media strategy and schedule out your posts using Buffer or Hootsuite (both have free accounts).

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