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We are no longer offering Twitter management services. 


We don’t feel there’s enough value in it for most clients. 

In addition, there’s been a recent study that up to 15% of all accounts on the platform are automated accounts (New York Times: The Follower Factory). 

Nonetheless, we’ll keep the info below, last updated November 2017, for some ways you might be able to use Twitter if you’re interested.

Twitter is a fast-moving environment made up of more than 300 million users.

It’s popular for following current events, celebrities, and company brands.

Companies, for example, use Twitter to engage with their customers to respond to praise and complaints, as well as to provide updates on upcoming products and services. 

A consistent Twitter marketing strategy can help keep your followers in the loop on your company’s movements.

Additional Stats:

  • 60+ million Americans use Twitter
  • 5,700 tweets are shared each second
  • ⅓ of online US adults ages 18 – 29 use Twitter
  • Top 3 countries that use Twitter other than the US are Brazil, Japan, and Mexico

Source (updated December 2016): Hootsuite

Our Twitter Marketing Approach

Social media users want to be heard.

Due to this, many go to Twitter to voice their opinions, and in doing so, generate exposure for brands as they are mentioned.

We can do the following for you on Twitter:

  • Use popular hashtags to make posts easier to find and thus, make the company easier to come across
  • Share business promotions or offers to convince users to visit your online/physical store.
  • Post content regularly that informs your customers about your upcoming projects
  • Discuss concerns that customers may have and notify you of the top issues

The Value

Let’s say that your brand is out there, it exists, but it’s somewhat fresh, not a lot of people know about it yet.

Adopting an additional social media channel like Twitter can be a good diversification practice as you’ll have a way to attract the attention of those who aren’t on other platforms you engage in (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).

Now think about this: If you are able to get the attention of 100 people a week, and one person shares it to his/her followers, that person has just become your personal marketing representative.

That person may have just shared their trust in your company to 1,000+ followers.

The same way that you take your friends’ recommendation to go to one restaurant over another, social media users will feel a little better about adopting a brand in their everyday lives if their friends say good things about it.

Take the following tweet by T-Mobile as an example of a customer promoting their brand:

Would you like your customers to talk about you like this?

We sure hope so.

We’re ready to help you out with Twitter marketing.

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