Search engine optimization by REN Marketing

A website isn’t worth much if it can’t be found online. Think about it. You’ve spent thousands on a website only for it to show up on the 25th page of Google and Bing. Our goal is to help improve the online presence of your website through search engine optimization (SEO). With our continuous efforts, we believe we can help your website move up in the search results to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pages on some keywords.


  • Your website will show up when people search for your company online
  • The potential for increased calls or emails if people find your website

Our Search Engine Optimization Service

  • Content – We create blog posts to help increase the likelihood of your website showing up in search
  • Improve – Update titles, alt tags, images, etc. and re-submit content to search engines

Our Process

  1. Identify – Find your websites SEO gaps and generate a list of action items to complete
  2. Optimize – Write blog posts and, change titles, add images, etc. as necessary
  3. Repeat – Continue sharing blog posts that follow popular SEO practices

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